Quality outsourced equipment – on time, every time

Leading companies choose SMS Technologies to help them:

  • cut costs, reduce working capital, and match costs to activity
  • simplify workflow and business processes
  • support legacy equipment manufacture, which may be hindering the development of new equipment (research shows 80% of production issues are caused by the least profitable 20% of products)
  • overcome quality and delivery failures which may be overwhelming management time (and damaging customer relations)
  • address the unpredictable nature of equipment demand
  • manufacture products without committing space, staff and working capital
  • manage a single supplier, rather than a whole supply chain

Company-wide benefits of outsourced manufacturing

  • Helps production departments to achieve their targets
  • Frees up senior managers to focus on core issues
  • Releases working capital
  • Reduces the need for space and staff
  • Simplifies business processes
  • Eases the admin burden – replacing multiple invoices from multiple suppliers with a single invoice from one dependable supplier

Our aim always is to deliver ’quality medical equipment, on time every time’ – enabling OEMs to enhance their own levels of customer service by delivering superior products faster.


Quality outsourced equipment - on time, every time

As an efficient and effective outsourced service provider, we manufacture medical devices, products, machines and components for many well known companies – enabling you to:

  • Cut your legacy equipment manufacturing costs
  • Improve efficiency
  • Focus on core issues, and release valuable resources